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BitLert Privacy Protecter (3pc)

BitLert Privacy Protecter (3pc)

BitLert Privacy Protecter (3pc)

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McAfee Security Grade - BitLert's Privacy Protectors shields you from hackers, criminals, and all who try to invade your privacy

Compatibility - Our Privacy Protectors work will almost every device you may have. If it has a webcam, we can block it

Ease of UseSimply align it to your webcam, then attach and press firmly for 15 seconds for a permanent hold. It does not interfere with your device at all

Read What Our Customers Said!

Wow! I have always been worried about a hacker gaining access to my webcam. With the Privacy Protectors, me and my family no longer worry.

Steven W, Seattle

Phenomeal product by BitLert. The Protectors have still remained stuck on, and I have been using them for about a year now!

Jordan P, New York

Although I don't understand much about the internet, I am still at risk in the digital world. I now feel safe and protected when using my devices with BitLert.

Susan C, Dallas
Prevent Unwanted Guests

  Protect all your webcams

Safeguard your online activity

Strengthen your online defense

Stay private

Your privacy matters and is important